"From its conception and from the beginning this seminar was different and meant to be different from the other seminars or workshops. While these dealt with more or less circumscribed or limited fields of empirical research on what may be called appropriation of apace (home apace, work space, institu tional settings, etc.), the modes seminar, first of all, had the task and the burden to state and to discuss what may be properly called appropriation of space. The risk involved in this task - and in these three days it turned out to be s controversial issue - was the following. For one group of our participants (of the seminar and probably of the whole conference) appropria tion of space was a mere label, a fashionable or even national linguistic preference, covering whatever had been going on in the field of "Architectural Psychology", which, in turn, some considered to be s national preference of, say, British and Swedish colleagues. And you will have discovered that the French title of our common conference was "de la psychologie de l'espace construit". So for this first group, whatever they were particularly interes ted in, was men - environment - relations in general as we know it mainly from EDRA conferences."