The concept of 'appropriation of space' has various meanings or implications for research and therefore deserves a careful ana lysis. The recent and frequent use of this concept in the liter ature raises the question of its normative use in the behavioral sciences. The appropriation of space can be viewed as a similar concept to 'place identity'. Spatial appropriation can be identi fied with at least S different but interrelated meanings, which are particularly relevant to the study of the use of space at home. The appropriation of space night presently (1976) be the most adequate psycho-sociological concept to describe some of the deepest interrelations between the subject --individual or social group-- and his daily environment. However, the sudden and exten sive use of such a broad concept in the behavioral sciences is subject to obsolescence and variation of meaning over time. Its normative relevance for the social sciences should therefore be questioned and analysed carefully.