The papers presented in our seminar all deal with appropriation of space, defined as a group of practices related to housing and to its immediate environment. At the risk of losing much of the wealth of the contributions brought in by the various participants, we classified these papers in two groups corresponding to two complementary aspects of appropriation practices the organization of inhabited space, defined as the differentiation of this space, and marking, i.e. the symbolic use of objects to qualify space. Additional preliminary question : to what extent do appropriation practices in a given society correspond to s precise historical situation ? This is the issue studied by R.Guerrand for France from the end of the 18th century. For IL Guerrend, the appropriation of the lodging is closely bound with property. Emerging together withe the middle-class, appropriation practices develop with the raise in living standards, public housing aid and access to property. Contempo rary low-cost housing does not however always meet the conditions enabling appropriation.