Questions to be answered by this research were: (a) What are the variables that determine the visiting of inner-city green open space? (b) What distan ces do people travel? (c) What are the main reasons for non-use? (d) What should the quality of green open spaces be like? These questions were inve stigated taking the apartment or the job as origin and the open space as destination of a trip; i.e. the research did not only try to find out the role of green open space with respect to the apartment, e.g. visiting open space on Sundays before lunch, but also with respecr to the job, e.g. the conditions under which people will visit a space during the lunch break. The research included the issue of substitution: (a) Do people who own a private garden visit inner-city green open space as often as people who do not dispose of a garden? (b) Do people who live near an inner-city green open space go to the country on weekends as often as people who are not well supplied with inner-city green open space?