The naval environment constitutes a fruitful ground for the study of the relationship between man and space. For months, when ships are at sea, people work, sleep and spend all their free time within the restricted area on board the ship and in a social setting equally restricted. A study was carried out where 140 sailors were interviewed about their attitudes towards work activities and the built and social environment on their latest journey. Items relating to personality were also included. Due to the traditionally hierarchical system on board the officers and some other crew members have much better spacial resources than others and they can also control their own working situation to a higher extent. This leads to a more positive attitude towards life on board generally. A point of specific interest is the question whether officers and the other crew members should share the areas reserved for dining and spare time activities. In this matter there are strongly divergent views, sometimes leading to conflicts about how a certain space should be used. Thus, the traditional attitudes are blocking a purposeful planning of the highly restricted area available. Different ways are suggested which in a perspective may lead to an improvement of naval interior design.