"This conflictual experience is considered as based on the social difference traced in the binomial: Family- Society, that concerns the sexes. Changes on the one pole of this binomial are directly connected to changes on the other pole. The contestation of the traditional Fem. Role within the Family, is the basis of Conflictusi Relation between the sexes, occuring in the Urban level. Conflict is understood as a broader term for communication - and a prerequisite for it. The platform of this conflict is the different per ception of the sequences Interior - Exterior (between the sexes) that formulate the total spatial experience. The de velopment of its expression is related to the development of proper "languages" - mainly somatic reactions up to now, - from the part of Women. Opposed to the development of these 'dialects" are mainly - in terms of Space 1) Operational Thought and 2) Central Design (and its ideo logy)."