"The awareness, investigation and description of concepts of placehas traditionally been the domain of behavioral scierce under thegeneral category of "sense of place". Yet the recent popularity efarchitectural literature dealing with the phenomenology of place, or"spirit of place", has indicated that on the one hand, quantitativemethods in both environmental design and evaluation do not, inthemselves, present a true picture of the environmental who2e; on theother hand, phenomenological approaches, although addressn- importantnon-quantitative aspects of the environment, have been limited in theirapplicability as critical instruments since, in general, they lack afunctional operational base. In this project a systematic method isdeveloped, based on methods of text analysis, which establishes indexesof value for use in architectural/environmental criticism based uponspecific phenomenological criteria. The method developed was designedand tested in a closed case-study situation."