Looking back, we see that the transfer of results from research in environment-behaviour studies to practical people, for instance designers and policy makers, is an old problem. Researchers are accused of studying the wrong problems; and practical men are asking the wrong questions. Different reasons for this miscommunication have been given and a number of possible solutions have been proposed. In this symposium eight speakers will treat different parts of this problem. Tzamir & Aravot will stress the role of the different spheres of knowledge of architects and researchers. Hamel will present an empirically tested model of the design process, while Symes pays most attention to the complexity and diversity of architects information needs. Each of the next five speakers will elaborate upon a specific method or technique to improve the communication between researchers and architects. Both Joiner and Sanoff will speak about the implementation of participation of various interested partys in the design process. Ellis will stress the use of 'social episodes' as a research technique. Both van Andel and Sime a.o. will discuss the potentials of computerized techniques, respectively of videodisc -systems and of expert-systems. The symposium consists of short individual presentations and/or demonstrations, concluded by a general discussion between participants and the audience of about 45 minutes.