"This symposium brings together researchers and practitioners actively involved in researching, designing, and developing policies and programs for environments planned by, with, and for women in various countries throughout the world. The intent of this symposium is to disseminate information of these designs policies, and research among the symposium participants and audience, and to generate international collaboration and exchange for action addressing the problems, ideas, and concerns of women today. The field of "women and environments" has been growing in the last decade, but primarily the research and information of this field has been disseminated and cultivated within national boundaries: Canada, Britain, Sweden, West Germany, United States, Netherlands, for example. Since LAPS is an international organization, this forum provides an opportunity for researchers, designers, and activists to exchange information, ideas, and policies, and to begin collaboration on new developments in research and environmental application on an international scale. The symposium is organized such that the three listed participants will speak briefly on research and design programs they have been involved with, highlighting issues and implications. After these brief presentations, discussions will follow among the participants and audience."