She will discuss the meaning and experience of alternative work and home settings among women in the U.S. She is currently co-editing a book with Karen Franck called Alternatives to the Single Family Home,. highlighting the design and development of housing projects in the United States, Canada, and Europe for single-person occupancy hotels, housing for single parent families, and collective housing arrangements for families. She has recently completed a study of the socio-spatial consequences of home-based (paid) work (i.e. both business and residence in the home). Her discussion will focus on the spatial merging of traditionally-distinct settings (e.g. workplace vs residence) and the positive and negative consequences this has for women in terms of role conflict, time and stress demands, status, social and economic mobility, and the meaning of these settings in their lives. Her discussion includes a comparison of the U.S. experience with findings from research of home-based work in developing countries (i.e. Mexico, India).