The Ministry of Works and Development (MWD) of the New Zealand government started conducting post-occupancy evaluations of governmentdesigned buildings in 1978. A system for POEs was designed with the help of researchers from the School of Architecture of the Victoria University of Wellington. In the eight years since the first initiative, ... building evaluations have been completed and the programme has become firmly established. Apart from developing and modifying the techniques for POE, MWD has also learned a good deal about the organizational aspects of operating a POE programme which is the subject of this paper. In this paper we describe the early period of using POE with MWD and the problems associated with establishing and maintaining a POE programme within an organization. The paper discusses POE as an organizational process and the contribution it can make to improving design quality and standards. We go on to consider recent and current changes in MWD's mode of operation as an agency producing public buildings, and the role of POE in MWD's marketing strategy. Then we discuss some of the organizational problems of building a data base out of POE for use in future design. Finally, we attempt to draw some conclusions.