When we reported at the 19814 lAPS Conference in Berlin on GSA our experience was still confined to applying the principles of sharing space with plants in housing. We were able to report on substantial energy savings, to advance hypotheses on health advantages of residing in a GSA building and to demonstrate that the people living in GSA buildings accepted this new style of life. Four years later we are now able to show that the principles of GSA can be generalized beyond the function of housing. During the last decade glass and solar aperture technology have advanced rapidly since their first applications to architecture. So we are now able to apply GSA principles to such buildings as offices, laboratories and restaurants. We are also able to show, that there are correlations between the positive evaluation of working places in a GSA environment and reports on well being and good mood. We are convinced that the principle of GSA can be extendet to other areas of architecture such as industial buildings, cultural centers and urban renewal. We hope to demonstrate in the future progress in implementing man-plant symbiosis through architecture.