"The "sick building syndrome" is a collection of non-specific symptoms of malaise, such as eye nose and throat irritation, headache, and lethargy, which seem to be associated with the occupancy of air conditioned buildings. A variety of causal factors have been suggested, including indoor air pollution, microbiological contamination, vibration and mass psychogenic illness. In spite of the research conducted to date, no study has satisfactorily demonstrated the cause or causes of this syndrome and none has evaluated the effectiveness of any intervention. Furthermore, differences in research design and methodology and in architectural, engineering and organizational attributes of the settings studied, along with the frequent absence of any conceptual framework make comparisons between research results difficult. In an attempt to better understand this phenomenon, an overview of recent research on the "sick Building syndrome" will be presented. Based on this, a conceptual framework which integrates the role of both physical and non-physical factors in the "sick building syndrome" will be described."