In an era of transfer of high technology to developing countries in general, and in transfer of methodologies in the field of urban and regional planning using computer equipment in particular, attention has to be paid to adapted approaches. Adaptation means that approaches and methodologies introduced in developing countries primarily have to suit under the circumstances of such countries, and that in stead of main focus to high tech transfer, issues concerning mobility have to be considered. One of MANROP: Urban Management Systems adapted approaches for analysis of land and floorspace in urban areas in developing countries, applicated in an area in inner Bangkok city, is the microcomputer program TABLET. That program will be described in three subparts, namely: 1. data collection using a digitizer or graphical tablet 2. analysis and calculation concerning land use and floorspace occupancies 3. drawing of collected spatial data using a plotter. An application example will be showed and discussed. Finally, some conclusions will be drawn.