"The so-called "Islamic Style" has clearly had an adverse impact on contem-porary Arab design. This impacty has been perpetuated by certain Arab andnon-Arab scholars and in each group by those who are biased in favour ofthe faith and those who are biased against it. This paper will attempt tohighlight some misconceptions e.g. the distorted Image of the "Muslim" inthe Western mind and the superficial and misleading view of most Arabscho-lars who confuse Islam which as a concept is as old as humanity, with theMuhammadan Message which is only fourteen centuries old, hence theirfoulty assumption that nothing of consequence existed before the messagethat could inspire the future. The paper will show that certain conceptswhich reflect on architectural design and town planning such as individuali-ty, monogamy and mixing of sexes are basic to Islam although the contraryis consistently portrayed.The nation's crippling view to history has all but turned heritage to an ob-stacle. The natural outcome of this is a degraded architecture rich in stan-dard cliché's and rather poor in essentials. The "Islamic Styles" has beenimposed on building types where functionally it was irrelevant and aesthet-ically it tended to confuse the required architectural expression.The paper will then suggest a possible direction for a contemporary ArabIslamic architecture based on a more liberal understanding of the Arab Is-lamic culture."