This paper is a synthesis over the cultural, social and historical conditionsof a particular neighbourhood. These conditions have allowed the spontane-ous participation of the residents of Bellavista in the defense and preserva-tion of the quality of life in their urban neighbouhood. This work deals with the problems of urban planning by local governmentswithout the participation of the community in this area of urban interven-tion. It is postulated that the determination and priorities concerning thehabitat require to recognize the participation of the specific social groupinvolved. Starting from a brief characterization of this particular sector, the mainpossibilities and drawbacks of organizing territorial participation are as-sessed. The concrete expression of this effort has been the creation of anon-government neighbourhood association. The outhor describes the experience from the perspective of an active mem-ber of the Neighbourhood Association of Bellavista (N.A.B. ) which makes itdiffiult to have an objective view. The description of the actors involved inthis planning prcoess is carried out from the perspective of the communitywhose interest is to defend the quality of life of their habitat over any con-sidiration. This methodological option has obvious limitations and possibilities of approach to the problem.