The Design Research Society was founded as a result of debate at the FirstInternational Conference on Design Methods, held in London in 1962. Itsconstitution was finalised in 1967. The objects of the Society were rootedin current widespread public concern about the explosive growth in worldpopulation, the military and commercial exploitation of scientific discover-ies of immense potential, and the fear that transnational industries andworld economic forces were going out of public control. The central interestwas the study of the processes of design decision making and the organisationof design activity. The society attracted a small but worldwide membership,mainly amongst architects, engineers, industrial designers and urban plan-ners, but also including some scientists and others. In the early years of theSociety there was a strong strand of sentiment in favour of the restoration ofuser participation and citizen power in urban planning, commercial and do-mestic architecture and product design. In the course of time, the develop-ment and application of computer aids to the conduct and management of de-sign also became a major strand. The spread of membership and the rangeof concerns of the Society were never restricted to particular socio-political-economic systems, or to particular cultural traditions. DesignResearch is essentially crossdisciplinary in character, and explicitly re-jects limitation to particular paradigms or methods of enquiry. The DesignResearch Society has thus been very centrally concerned with Space, andwith people in relation to their environment, but only weakly concernedwith Culture and History.