"Architecture is not just the activity of building. Because man is an intellec-tual organism; he vividly employs his capacities to produce all kinds of ar-tifacts that convey meaning and Imply cultural dimensions. It is this veryproperty that credits these artifacts with their aesthetics as well as theirfunctional values. It is bitterly true, also, that the present architects andtheorists have gone too far in expressing their fascination with this verynotion in such and abstract, meanningless and alienating manner that onewould prefer to reconsider ARCHITECTURE for its own sake as a mere activ-ity building.A manifestation of the downfall of the "ART OF BUILDING" is that it becameprecisely a profession devoted to a very special people. The new ELITES, theARCHITECTS of reputation, in order to express themselves. Only, are driv-ing architecture from its physical setting and from society. They have de-nied, its cultural, traditionnal and historical identity. They introduced"EXHIBITION ARCHITECTURE".The graceful virtue of culture has become, accordingly, and expression ofempty aestheticism, illusive intellectualism and a brutal tendency to rejectthe word's diversity. That architecture, which rewarded all antecedent gen-erations of various parts of the world with indulgent sarisfaction and pleas-ure, has been callously sacrified that ARCHITECTURE WHOSE ESSENCES ISDEEPLY THROUGH ITS ADAPTABILITY TO DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHIES ANDCULTURES HAS BEEN MISUNDERSTOOD, MISINTERPRETED AND, IT MAY BEBRUTALLY MURDERED.The most acceptable meaning of culture has been to imply the role of physi-cal environment in shaping social relations, the modes of thought, norms,beliefs, ways of life, the ideologies and the total range of customary, behavi-our all of which have been influenced by people's adaptation to their environment. Therefore, building forms, patterns of growth, town morphology,in short architectureal phenomenon, has like culture, evolved characteris-tics from its natural habitat.My aim through this communication, hense is to redirect attention to theImpact of the object on the subject, and to discuss or explore the notion thathuman archievements i.e. cultural, technological, architectural etc. are anoutcome of the interaction between ecology, culture and cognitive structuresuch interaction is is thought to set out a condition of stability, compatibili-ty and fitness wich characterises various vernacular culture. These notionsought to be investigated, and hence utilised in design ideas and design pro-cesses."