"In this presentation and historical analysis of squatter housing in two dif-ferent contexts, namely, in the United States, a "developed" country (a cen-tral capitalist society) and in Turkey, an "underdeveloped" and, in someviews "developing" country (a society in the peripheral capitalist system)will be done. In New York, shanty houses appeared mainly at Central Park between1850-1900, when there was mass immigration from Europe and during theDepression (1930's), when unemployment was high. Ankara started to re-ceive a large number of rural-urban migrants following WWll who builttheir squatter houses in and around the city. Today in New York, the oneswhich were built at Central Park were demolished. However, there are stillsome squatter houses owned by politically conscious people as well as vacantapartments inhabited by homeless people. In Ankara, there have been chang-es in squatter settlements, some of them being replaced by apartment blocksas a result of the expansion of the city. The presentation will address the following questions:A. Appearance of squatter houses in New York/Ankara1. WHEN: When did squatter houses appear in New York/Ankara?2. WHY: Under what socio-economic and political conditions?3. WHERE: Where were they built? Were there particular locations wheresquatter houses were clustered or were they scattered all over the city?4. WHO: Who occupied them? What were their socio-economic status andethnic identity? What were the social images of these houses and their resi-dents?5. WHAT: How was a squatter house different from other types of houses?How were squatter houses defined legally, socially and physically?B. Chances in squatter houses over time in New York/Ankara1. What happened to squatter houses after they first appeared?2. Do they preserve their original identity (physical, social, legal) or werethey converted into something else? That is;a. Have there been changes in their physical appearance?b. Have there been changes in the kind of people who reside in squattersettlements? In the social images of squatter houses and their dwellers?c. Have there been changes in the legal status of squatter houses? If yes, howdid this happen?"