Painting owes part of its special status amoungst the arts to its being one ofthe most telling representations of man's relation to is environment. Itspeaks both on the denotative and connotative levels, thus revealing para-digms and their critique. So, a view of western painting from the quatrocen-to to the 20th century can in fact be an analysis of western man's orientation in his constructed world according to how he creates and conceives ofspace. The spatial construct being the basic stage for all cultural mecha-nisms, such a study would also be a search for the basic clues to culturalvalues. My paper will be a comparative analysis on chronological and cultural ba-sis, using western and oriental painting as subject matter. It will try to ob-serve differences and changes in cultural values and their aesthetic ramifi-cations. It is hoped that such a survey would point to the great potential forsemiological research in interdisciplinary approaches.