Old and new in architecture -a neverendin- theme always a source ofknowledge and inspiration. A theme especially topical at the present time,while looking for ecological conformity of buildings to climate and land-scape, the problems of equilibrium between natural environment and archi-tecture are of decisive importance for optimal phsycophisiological selfcon-fidence of men.Applying standard design technic for residential and public buildings havedeprived organity from architectural structures to the surroundings theyare sited in.Taking into account the specific environmental data for each macro and mi-croclimatic zone, available in this country, to consider their reflection inthe building architecture. Turning back to the sound principles of organicinterrelation between the natural site and the architectural expression fromthe time of Revival (18th -19th C.). Methods for the organization to ecology-conforming architecture are elabo-rated. The system approach is applied by means of basic data integration andsubjective human interpretation for versatile architectural solution.Supported and illustrated by authors' projects of dwelling and public build-ings.