As a key government organization, the Japanese Ministry of Constructionhas tried to implement various policy measures to assist to supply dwellingunits that are suited to the needs of elderly persons. The measures include:construction of public housing through local governments; construction ofhousing through the HUDC (Housing and Urban Development Corporation);and financial assistance by housing loan through the HLC (Housing Loan Cor-poration). Some of the measures date back as early as 1964, when general designguidelines for purpose-built units for elderly persons were issued. Thispaper describes the outline of these developments up to present time, refer-ring to some of typical examples. It also discusses some of the implicationsongoing research project on housing in the aging society has in implement-ing future housing policy because some hisiorical/cultural background con-tradicts with desirable design solutions derived from ergonomic viewpoints.Finally, the paper describes design guidelines that have been developed along with the project.