"Sophiagenics' - 'Sophia', Wisdom; 'genics' an abbreviation of genetics (i.e.pertaining to origin) - hence 'the getting of wisdom'.Sophiagenics developed from an extensive research study aimed at identify-ing the precise nature of creative genius, viz. the nature of the truly origi-nal mind that produces the 'step change', the 'new paradigm', the seeminglyimpossible.The researches revealed that the highest levels of creativeness which we la-bel 'work of genius', 'miraculous' etc., are not the output of a human brainworking more fully and efficiently than hitherto, but rather a natural con-sequence of its learining how to be totally sensitive and obedient to the di-rection given by 'divine wisdom', viz. the creative intelligence which struc-tures the whole of the natural order, the continuous 'primal' act of Creationthat has produced and which sustains our universe.It is when the brain discovers that it is a gross mistake to try to be self-sufficient ... that it must function primarily as an input device, a receivernot as a self-contained computer, that then - and only then - does realcreativeness and the real miracles commence.To reach this point, a condition of being "in tune with the infinite", requiresa process of education - or re-education - in which almost all of the com-mon actions of striving for achievement have to be turned on their heads.Then a person enters upon the same path as trod by the creators of modernscience or by those who founded, during brief periods of renaissance, greatworld movements or 'impulses' such as those of Buddhism, Christianity andIslam. He is able to truly 'learn from nature' because of a deep and intelli-gent humility. He is able to invite and encourage a genuine, continuous, ex-perience of optimal functioning, in which there is a deliberate sensitivetuning to experience the source of creation, so that all is done in accordwith its insight, is guided in everything by it and is totally dependent on it.Sophlae'nics Is the essential discipline for producing intelligent change andprocess .:.tnecessary new patterns and new orders; not a formula for per-petuating 'proven1 patterns and orders. It is hot merely the causal agent ofexternal change and progress, but also ofimpottant radical Internal de-velopments up to full maturity and being truly wise.'Self reliance' is exchanged 10 each new moment for a total reliance on Crea-tion itself: creation that structures and empowers all of the organisms ofnature. The continued practise of Sophiagenlcs converts logic based thinkinginto an exact instinct and illumination, in which 'media' (the creative actionof Creation) and matter (existing creation) combine naturally and organi-cally to make and extend meaning in and for each new moment."