"Recently in Japan, a chage is coming over office environments because ofnew office devices such as visual display terminals and partitions. An officeshould be comfortable for the people working there. This research intends todefine the comfort of an office from the viewpoint of the office workers andto identify the physical factors which influence office comfort.First, we asked 16 subjects who had each worked in several different officesto coprare the comfort level of a variety of offices, then we asked them toexplain the reasons for teir evaluation regarding the comfort of each ofice.This was to clarify the evaluative constructs which went into deciding officecomfort.Next, 15 evaluative constructs including overall comfort were selected and30 photographs were rated by 60 subjects on the 7 points bi-polar scales ofthese selected constructs. The results of the rating were analyzed using theSSA1 to divide them into five groups. The analysis reveled that the comfortrating heavily depends on three groups of scapes, which are "serenity","relaxation" and "refinement." Furher, Hayashi Quantification 1 was usedto identify the factors which influence the rating of these scales. This re-vealed that the evaluation of "serenity" is closely related to the height ofpartitions and density. Likewise,the "relaxation" evaluation depends mainlyon layout, density, colors and plants, while "refinement" is dependent onlayout and plants.Furthermore, we attempted to discover what combination of layout, densityand partition (which proved to be the most important factors) produces thehighest comfort rating. To do this, We created simulation models which 31subjects were asked to rate in 7 levels for qualities of "serenity,""relaxation" an "refinement." As a result, we found that all three of the fac-tors influence each other, and we also found that the difference in layout (people sitting face to face, or facing in the same direction, or in random di-rections) is a decisive factor for obtaining the highest evaluation for densityor partition height.The above briefly describes the research and experiments we performed re-garding office comfort from the viewpoint of office workers. The. resultsgiven here should be extremely useful fordesigning offices which provide acomfortable environment for the workers."