"We seem to be unsatisfied with our man-made physical environment. Anenormous bulk of publications and an important number of architecturalschools, an ever changing accumulation of building laws and practices, be-sides other activities from international symposia to informal chats of achitects in cafes, seem to take an important part of our lives, rightfully, because achitecture, our man-made physical environment concerns usdeeply. This paper consists of six sections:1) A proposal to design our buildings to change with the seasons, instead ofdesigning insensitive an irresponsive static statements which remain thesame in all seasons.2) More sensitivity and response to urbanity when designing our buldings.Cities mean more choices. Buildings should be designed with the idea in mindthat they should allow and initiate "more accesibility", within the urbanfromework, to urban institutions, to make our cities richer culturally andmore "educataionail" and more "recreational".3) MULTI USE AND FLEXIBILITY. These don't only provide economy, but alsopracticality and increased accessability.4) ECONOMY. The accent in design should not be on making them "cheap" asin communist societies, or on making them "expensive" as in the capitalisticsocieties. The accent should be on "Human use" and "care" for individuals'and institutions' spatial needs and requirements.5) SIMPLICITY-COMPLEXITY,HUMILITY. Solutions to complex problemsshould also be complex. However this Is so, we can still try to attain a sim-plicity and humility In our designs, not to make our buildings our"masters", but to make them our "servants",6) SENSITIVITY TO OLD VALUES. While searching for new values to widenthe horizons for our buildings, we must not forget the accumulation of oldvalues which have shaped our physical environment throughout the historyand use these old values seictively to complement our present and future."