With this paper we want to illustrate some Italian cultural characteristicsand their relationship with space. The American mentality currently has avery strong influence in Italy. This mentality is being diffused violently andmoreover in a way that is heedless of Italy's very rich heritage. This iscoming about not only through mass media but also through the design ofspaces which tend to recreate American environments that spread theAmerican mentality. A kind of Disneyworld in reverse. Instead of buildingVenice in Los Angeles, Los Angles in now being built in Venice. Italian re-staurants, shopping centers, supermarkets, and more importantly work en-vironments are designed according to the characteristics and the desires ofAmerican society. However designing environments in Italy the re-proposeAmerican models in a imitative and uncritical way, means forcing people tobehave artificially, as an result of the influence the environment has on hu-man beings. The fact is that the Italian designers and architects who proposethese environments do not take into account their own cultural context. This, seems, is because Italion cultural characteristics are not known or identi-fied. In this way, Italian environments are being designed in a manner thatrisks blocking rather than aiding our creative and communicative abilities.The point is that culture, and in particular Italian culture, is 'Known' onlyon an intutive and pre-conscious level.There is no school of ethnology In Italy for example. We know so little aboutour cultural characteristics that we risk loosing them without realizing it.