We can understand a city as a mosaic pattern of many functions as well as a hierarchical pattern of residentil areas which shows their social status. InIhi way there are some differences from place to place in a city.This paper deals with differences of the places in the historical castle townsin Japan from a view point of city-scape. Many of historical castle towns inJapan have been built in 16th and 17th century.The points of a spatial analysis here are as follows. (1) Location of theBuddhist temple, (2) Visible are a of the castle tower.1) Location of the Buddhist temples; (a) Territorial meaning: One of thecastle town like Nagoya has the four Buddhist temples in four direction ofthis castle town which are located outside the town. The distances from thetown to the Buddhist temples are seven are eight km. People go to the templein the good direction which are designated every year and pray for their goodluck. The positon of these temples shows a ceratin sphere of peoples movement at the feudal age in Japan. (b) The back part of the castle town: SomeBuddhist temples just outside the town could be the place where the feudallord gave his prayers In the feudal times. These temples were treated as thespecial temple under the patronage of the feudal lords. And these temples be-came the back part of the castle town. (c) Front lines for defence: Manytemples were alloted at the boundary of the Castle town in a group. Thesetemples have large premises which could afford to accommodate many war-riors In case of emergency. These temple areas in the town could be a frontline for the defence.2) Visable area of the castle; (a) Symbol of the dignity: Many of the castletowns built on a terrace and the castles were located at the end of the ter-race. So the castle tower could be dearly seen from the outside of the town.The height and scale of the castle tower cut a prominent figure in the histor-Ical castle town. This has give the people some feeling of the dignity towardsthe feudal lord. (b) Representation of the dignity: Normally the castle towercould not be seen from inside of the castle town with some exception. But af-ter entering the main gate of the castle,the castle tower could be in sightthen go in behind the stone wall. This thing is repeated. People could be im-pressed that the castle is much larger and more magnificent than the real.(c) Excursion place for the citizen: The castle tower plays the part of addinga charm to a country scene.Be-came the place of an excursion forthe citizen. (d) Shakkei/Artificalscene: The castle tower could be used as a part of a fine view. A garden andresidence were built by using this scenery.