The purpose of this workshop Is to begin a dialogue, within lAPS, about val-ues and ethical issues raised by our work as students, researchers, practi-tioners, and teachers. As members of the profession of environmental designand research, we want to explore areas of ethical conflict with other mem-bers of the profession in an open dialogue, and join with others in a searchfor the values and ethical processes, both explicit and implicit, which un-derlie our work and guide the professional decisions we make in our profes-sional lives. The workshop grows out of a research project we began last year. As part ofthat project we mailed questionnaries to people who had attended EDRA 17 or18, to people listed in the most recent EDRA membership directory, as wellas the International Director. (we received 88 responses from 425 mailedquestionnaires for a return rate of almost 21 percent.) Although the mainpurpose of the first phase of our research was to obtain bibliographic ref-erences and to identify people who had been involved in EDR projects whichwere used to implement environmetal change, we also took the opportunityto ask for brief answers to the following question:1) Please describe any values or ethical issues which are important to youin relationship to your research or practice (for example, relationshipswith clients or research participants and/or other circumstances underwhich you will or will not work: financial renumeratlon; uses of your work;sources of funds; and so on).2) Are there some particular professional, personal, or educational experi-ences or events that have led you to consider these issues to be important?Please describe.As part of our research we also analyzed the codes of ethics from a range ofAmerican professional organizations to which some lAPS members also be-long, for example, the American Planning Association,the American Instituteof Architects, the American Psychological Associtalon, the Society for Ap-plied Anthropology, and the American Society of Interior Designers amongothers.The preliminary findings of the work were presented at the EDRA 21 con-ference in a workshop whose goal was to begin a dialogue about these issues.The present workshop is intended to expand the dialogue to create an inter-national perspective on values and ethics in EDR. To further this goal, weencourage participants to bring codes of ethics from professional organiza-tions from the countries in which they have worked.The major portion of the workshop (at least one hour depending on workshoplength) will be an open dialogue between participants. We do not intend tostructure the discussion in any particular fashion, although we will presentfor consideration the question of what role lAPS can or should play in rais-ing certan ethical or value based issues. The workshop will be open to all at-tendees of the conference. In addition, we will mail letters to all of our re-spondents about the workshop, asking them to attend so they can give voice to their own views. If workshop attendees agree, we would like to tape recordthe session. We would take responsibilty for transcribing the discussion andmaking it available to participants as well as publishing an edited versionsIn one or more of our major journals.