Discussing recent trends in Urban/ Landscape Design, we would like to point out and insist on an approach, sensitive to the site, searching for the spirit of the place and visualizing a cultural urban landscape. We would Ie to argue about creating urban landscapes as works of art, as cultural projects which are, as places of social conviviality and pleasure, adapted to contemporary life contex, seeing them as real urban space meta-morphoses and not interventions on empty, un-historical -ecological -cultural, spaces. Illustrating this consept, we are intending to present from our project for the Samarkand 1991 indemational competition Our Design ideas ( Urban site and open space design M. Tzimopoulou, Buildings design T.Wik) conseming a site of 25,5 hectares in the heart of the historical sity. And the scope-image of our proposal for this - Centre of Samarkand .. Ulugh Beg, Centre.. a multifunctional complex of buildings and open spaces..an extensively terraced area with impressive location and.. a very important site for the future of the town, as a Cultural Urban Landscape.