Environment is a source of our impressions and a result of our imagination. Metamorphosis of environment reflects not only its alterations, but changing of our being as well. For the good temper a person even not very attractive environment looks comfortable. On bad-tempered person the most perfect environment acts irritatively. Mean while environment provides effect of getting habitual for inhabitants and being approved by them as a result. In the North e.g., in spite of architectural poverty, cold weather, and limited contacts between people there is however basis for adaptation. Some elements carried from native life are enough for such an adaptation we could have in Vorkuta for example the same book-stalls as in S-Petersburg. Imagination helps successfully to avoid unwanted reality. On the other hand real environment provides growth of environmental imagination. It is as certained that intelligence of children who are living in central, with plenty of architecture districts of S-Petersburg, is higher then that of children grown up in dull satellites. We consider of course that social positions of their parents are equal. Environmental culture of S-Petersburg provided metamorphosis in architecture, art and sciences and gave birth to many famous intellectuals. Its influence was strong enough to transform recent migrants into step by step. But for last 20 years takes place process of negative metamorphosis which demonstrates itself through neglected appearance of Nevsky prospect. Decay of environment nowadays is uneveritable because of cramps of politic and economic. Mean while some sings of regeneration are seen. Putting of the monument of Peter I made by the pointer M. Sh. in Pi-Paul at the time as this city has got its original name affirms reality of that process. Illusions and reality as united parts of one whole process are the subject of study.