The actual design projects demonstrate different kinds of metamorphoses in Northern Scandinavia. The first project is a vision for the development of a small tons identity. The second project is housing for a subcultural group under ocio-envi ronmental metamorphosis. A development plan for the community of Storuman (southern Lapland, Sweden Presents, developes and refines the values, structures, themes and content that Storuman today possesses. The main emphasis is on small means that are recognizable and possible to implement in stages. I got a third prize in a Norwegian-Finnish-Swedish architectural competition 1991 with this project. More detailed Project is going on at the moment.Keväjarvi Skolt Lapp village in man (northern Lapland, Finland) two hundred inhabitants. They are the fi.rst generation that are no longer nomads. The Keväjrvi villaqe now comprises some sixty dwellings. The new Skolt Lapp farms (25) will be one-family houses. The aim has been to generate examples of planning and rural building in the northern r&sicential areas. Housing solutions take adaptability and flexibility, height differences on the site, severe climate and different living styles into account. This project is based on a entry in an international competition in which I got a first prize 1991.