"Many environmental studies cover the theme Identity of Place. Most of these studies are strictly concerned with the form of the builtscape, while the role of urban uses - or functions has been somewhat neglected. "In the good old days" mix of uses was the common /1/form of the builtscape//. An important reason for the making of modern town planning was the wish to be able to control - and separate - urban functions, especially dwellings from workplaces. 50 years of separating functions have almost altered our cities beyond recognition. Though separation has advantages, it also has drawbacks, leaving us with monotonous "localities" rather than places with a rich identity. In these years, however, the trend is turning over, and new avantgarde projects (though still only few) are based on the idea of mixing dwellings and workplaces, both industrial and offices. In this light the slide show will present some thougths about how urban uses contribute to the creation of "a sense of place". It will cover themes as - The concept of place - perception and knowledge as parts of identity - variety - genuineness - why placeless places arise all the time, though we all dread them, and - at last it will show a few examples of new mixed-use projects The presentation will take about 30 - 40 minutes."