"In Japan about 60 years ago, there was a style of residental architecture, such as the early works by Le Corbusier. Most architectural histrjans in Japan, did not estimate the real value of these houses,and there have been no detailed research conducted on this group of houses. Unfortunately most of them are now destroyed. In this study, 172 examples were colected from about 1000 architectural magzines,from 1924 to 1942. The conclusions from this investigation are the following. DSort fashon of archtectural design. -The high period of International Syle houses in Japan, was from 1933 to 1937. Of the 172 examples, found in the 19 years period, from 1924 to 1942, 117 examples were from above 5 years. Before 1924,and after 1942, there are no examples. I:3Superficial chractaristics of house desin. • Plan types can be found in table I The number of examples exhibiting living room type are few in number. • There are many examples of the central corridor type, which was the most popular type in Japanese houses of that period. In general, the plan of these houses are not as influenced by the European International Syle, as they are in the desgin of exterior. E 4 phases and Japanese influenced stylization. -The desgin of Japanese International Syle houses changed in 4 phases. In tableil,the pre stage includes works which are partial copies, and a mixture of traditional Japanese desgin. This new type exhits no clear overall character of either European Internatio-nal Syle or traditional Japanese desgin. • The First stage includes many examples exhiting expression of "volume", the most important dist inctive feature of the European new syle. In the Second stage, the design of layered surfaces in the south elevation appears. In the Third stage, the sandwitch type appears. This type is the synthesis of the Japanese style with the European new syle. This is called Japanese influenced stylization. table II shows the process of stylization. The sandwitch type of archtecture can still be found after World Waril, this form of styliza-tion can be seen as very important."