"What is Delphi? Is it a place of attraction for an international crowd of tourists who seem to overrun the space there? Is it a holy place, the centre of intellectual world and a place for pilgrimage? Is it a small countryside town, with its local traditions and some antiquities nearby? What is Delphi for contemporary people? This is the main question of our research, that has been our Ph.D. subject at Surrey University. Therefore, this research study focuses upon the concepts of people concerning the place of Delphi. The relevant subjects that have to do with our approach, is the conceptual framework and the cognitive/mental images, and their meaning,that are related to our immediate environment and our interactions with it. Our specific subject consists of how people consider a particular place like Delphi, that includes a modern settlement, a natural landscape of extreme beauty,and an entire ancient settlement. The proper scope for an approach of such a particular environment, we believe, Ls the wholistic approach of environmental social psychology. And the centre of interest, is the concepts of the common people who interact with Delphi, and not the scope of specialists from several disciplines, that also approach this area of interest. Our subject consists of the presentation of our research data and conclusions that have been collected at Delphi, concerning people's conceptions about this place. The results of the research are presented analytically, according to three groups of persons that have been contacted with interviews,questionnaires and sketch maps: foreign visitors, hellenic visitors and inhabitants. Then, a discussion follows under the scope of Mental Morphology and Sociosemiotic Analysis,as they have been for the first time applied by us,as method of applied research approach, in our previous researches (1974, 1975, 1966). Finally, our research conclusions concerning the Mental Morphology of Delphi are presented, together with our theoretical proposition for the consideration of S-Topos, that concerns the approach of the semantization field of a settlement or "place"."