"I. It's night be enjoyable to site by and look and listen to the flowing water. But the same this pleasant sound could turn to a disturbing noise at night when one tries to sleep. 2. Noisy sound of a falling water in a quiet place may turn into a pleasant sound in heavy vehicle noise. 3. Jet sound of a fountain or splashing sound of water on a rock maybe is riot as preferable as the sound of running water. 4. Today, we see many fountain and fails being installed in many housing corn-plexes. They are for resident's pleasure. We call such a facility "amenity water facility". But it is reported that there are not a few cases which turned off such facility because of a noise problem. 5. Therefore we conducted the following surveys: 01 Resident's evaluation of their amenity waters with different types of water facilities, and different types of road traffic noise environments. We handed out the questionnaires to 621 of the residents in 4 complexes at different distances from the water facility and also asked the same questions at their different behavioral situations --- while they are dining or trying to sleep. We also determined visibility of the facility from their houses. Further more, we asked about personal experiences of the water in their past. (c) Visitor's evaluation of the same facilities with comparable situations to the r*derits. 7he visitors were 20 students in architecture of our college. esi (c) Visualization of each water sound by means of sound spectrum analysis and photographs. 6. Results We could confirm the importance of the following factors in planning and design of amenity water facilities in housing complexes. (1) Resident's behavioral situation: when one is trying sleep, water can sound noisy. (2) Environmental noise: when it is reduced at night, water can sound noisy. (3) Type of water: the sound of running water was generally prefered with little difference in opinion. A snail fountain was reported noisy when it was very close. (4) Distance between water, ( sound source ) and a residence: a small water fall of 10 cm drop was audible at a distance of 40 meters. (5) Visibility of the water: when the water was not visible, people tend to evaluate it as less favorable. Therefore visibility of the water becomes an important factor in the layout of housing."