In this presentation we intend to evaluate the housing process in kenya with specific contention of Housing policy and the emergent built space with referece to House form. There is descrete relationship between Housing policy and Form of Housing. Housing Typology and Form are resultant of determinent policies which are realised through various institutions, incentives and instruments. Every permatation of these mechanisms generates different combinations of Housing scenario. We intend to explore historical dimension in this scenario arid trace the evolution of housing process in Kenya. The changing conceptions of Housing in Kenya can be traced essentially through historical shifts in the Housing policies. These trends are identified as (a) Pre-Colonial period of Traditional Housing, (b) Colonial Period (upto l940's), (c) Pre-Independence period (1940 - 60's) and (d) PostIndependence period. Recent experience and investment in Housing stock are critically evaluated with forsight towards housing in l990's.