"The apparatus with which Renewable Energy is captured, extracted, or modulated impacts on the appearance of buildings and landscapes alike. The effect on landscape has been particularly pronounced with aeolian and photovoltaic installations, but has involved active and passive solar devices as well. This annotated visual essay traces the resulting metamorphosis of Built Form and Landscape. The approach involved contrasting a lush and a stark setting. The former is in Germany and Austria and draws on the "Biotecture" tradition in those countries. The latter is in the Aegean Islands of Greece, where a number and variety of Renewable Energy installations have taken place. The Northern European setting has seen the incorporation of a number of passive solar collector and shading devices into the building form in a manner that exploits their inherently detached appearance to general design advantage. In some cases, this has resulted in a marriage between deconstructivism and passive solar design and in many cases in an exploded builtscape, especially in contrast to the compactness of early passive solar examples. The Aegean setting has seen a similar transformation of the landscape - even if not as thoroughly incorporated as in the Northern Builtscape examples. Nevertheless, a tradition of strongly articulated sunshading and building siting generally supports the contrasting forms of solar collectors and arrays and aeolian installations."