A comparison of the skyscrapers built in large American cities in the first years of the twentieth century versus those built in the 1930's, the 1960's, and the 1980's, amply demonstrates the skyscrapers capacity to change its face in a short span of time. Flanking the Art Deco forms of skyscrapers dating from the 1930s, we find International Style or Modern forms created in the decade 1950-1960. as well as Post Modern ones from 1980s. It we go further back in time, yet another contrast may be added to this set of images: the image of the skyscrapers built in 18801690. There is a reason for this continual mutation of the skyscrapers form, one that is quite Independent of considerations of structure and function (which have both remained fundamentally the same) and that can be understood only it we consider the economic system to which the skyscraper belongs. From 1976 onward, the skyscraper has assumed a new Image, this time baptized with the term Post-Modern.This flamboyant image has developed in reaction to the austere, essential image of the modern skyscrapers of the 1950s and 1960s. An analysis of this recent transformation may help us understand some aspects of the business world and American corporations, a world of which the skyscraper is both product and home. This study attempts to stitch back together the skyscrapers image and its content. In our society. the world of images (and therefore of imagination, but also of illusions) has acquired an excessive and worrisome Importance. It Is as If a mass exodus from content - and therefore from reality - were underway. Images no longer seem to have any reIerens. but rather to have become ends in themselves, Yet it oniy seems this way: actualy, images result from a precise set of motives that witi appear to be quite obvious if we lake the time to look at them The PostModern Style may already have reached the end of the road (to everyone's relief), but also the underlying motives and causes that produced it remain, it follows that the motives will simply and predictably find other ways of manifesting themselves. Our aim in this study has been to take the most recent of the skyscrapers images (concentrating on the years between the mid-1970s and the mid-1980s), hold them still for a moment, and scrape away the surface in order to discover what it is that these images do not reveal and often hide.