The main concern and topic for lAPS 12 is socio-environmental metamorphoses. It has been claimed that the topic may be covered by the treatment of four domains and three dimensions. The domains are builtscape, landscape, ethnoscape and Euroscape. The dimensions are declared as physical, social and cultural.This paper is a proposal of extension of the schema by adding one domain -globaiscape- and one dimension -climate change-, that give the schema a more complete form (metaphorically speaking). This is of course a metaphor itself. The tendencies in builtscape, landscape and ethnoscape, by crossing the physical, social and cultural dimensions, became in a more similar physical features and lifestyles in practically any city -globaiscapeand also produce a global ecological change.Examples of the increasing similarity in builtscape and landscape, as well as their impact in social and cultural dimensions will be shown and discussed.Also, a description of global environmental change will be presented as it has been developed by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) and the Social Sciences Council's Standing Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change.Related concepts that are proposed as research topics will be emphasized: social dimensions of resource use; perception and assessment of global environmental conditions and change; impacts of local, national and international social, economic, and political structures and institutions; land use; energy production and consumption: industrial growth: environmental security and sustainable development. All these elements, concepts, domains and dimensions will be discussed in relation with lAPS objectives and aims.