"On the necessity of provincialism and the useful fiction of internationalism" refers to the theme of one of the Cahiers that are prepared for the project "Discourse and Literature" of ANTWERPEN 93, the Cultural Capital of Europe 1993. The new communication networks, and the specific modes and images of social interaction which they produce, increasingly seem to cut off the production of culture from the 'roots', i.e. from a concrete historical 'place' or a topos as origin and as condition for meaning. For the field of social interaction shaped by the network principle, the notion of origin is archaic and outdated. One wonders whether the differences and oppositions within which the particularity and social identity of individuals and groups is constituted, are necessarily linked with the notion of 'origin' and 'roots' - and thus with a 'place' or 'topos' and/or history or tradition. Is it feasible to look for new, 'postmodern' modes of cultural intimacy or particularity, different from the regressive ones and the pseudo -folkiorisms that are now used in cultural politics ?"