Gardens and landscapes attract popular and professional interests which are mirrored in respective publications. From a professional perspective popular publications, especially comics, seem somewhat despisable. Comics are distributed world wide and since about six decades 'Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck' hold an outstanding position in the world of comics. Since nearly all aspects of life are touched upon in comics, so are gardens and landscapes. A closer look at the presentation of these topics reveals the highly differentiated occupation of the comic authors and painters with garden and landscape issues. We assume that images of gardens and landscapes as represented in comics shape public images of parks and landscapes to an extent yet unknown. It may be more intensive than what can be expected from publications in professional journals. So, as a first step, it is the goal of the paper to isolate some of the garden and landscape related topics in comics. We will be looking at ideological implications as well as at references to the history, the design, and the use of gardens and landscapes and what this could mean for future developments in landscape architecture.