It is assumed that given the choice, most people would prefer to own their homes. Home ownership is thought to be the superior form of tenure which provides financial, psychological and societal benefits. It is regarded as a dream all Americans aspire to and should be able to achieve. Home ownership is thought to be a natural desire, and to result in a superior way of life (Borgos, 1986; Duncan, 1982; Kemeny, 1981; Saunders, 1990; Stone, 1986). It is related to people's sense of identity, and important as a symbol of self or status (Agnew, 1982; Cooper, 1976; Dean, 1945; Duncan, 1986; Saegert, 1986; Turner, 1972). A home owned is suppose to offer security, control and independence (Depres, 1989; Gilderbloom & Appelbaum, 1988). Supposedly, given accessibility and adequate resources all households would choose to own (Kemeny, 1981).