Environmental values have been found to be good predictors of environmental behavior in the West by Western scholars. However, it is not clear whether values predict behaviors in other cultures. It is also not clear whether there are values and behaviors that are important to environment in other cultures but are not part of Western cultures. The initial stage of this research was to study Chinese values and behaviors. In the research, we first identified twenty-seven environmental beliefs, values and norms about nature and thirty-three environmental behaviors from ancient Chinese texts, scholarly works and anecdotal materials such as newspapers in Taiwan. Experts in Chinese/Taiwanese culture, ecology, environmental design and educators were then surveyed to establish whether they considered these beliefs, values and behaviors do reflect traditional values and behavior in Chinese and Taiwanese culture. The survey data showed a high to medium level of agreement between the experts about the existence of environmental beliefs, values and behaviors in ancient Chinese culture, from which five factors of values and six factors of behaviors were derived. The research to be reported represents the first step in a research program aimed at assessing the value and behavior relationship in a different cultural and geographic context: Chinese culture and different social groups located in Taiwan.