"In today’s world, the crucial importance of spaces where people gather is becoming increasingly apparent. As private developments increasing scale, and as public entities recognize pressing needs for civic spaces, the design of parks, plazas, and city squares makes ever more significant contributions to modern life. Unfortunately, Izmir as the third biggest city of Turkey is lack of such identified modern public spaces. As a solution for this need many projects have been developed. One of these modernization projects is the Transformation of the historical city centre “Konak Meydan_” into a more modern public space. This study aims to put forward the evaluation process of this historical city centre and will discuss the new face and image of “Square”.Izmir, being the centre of a rich and large hinterland in the middle of Aegean shores in Western Anatolia and with its much important geographical and strategically position, has been a large city throughout the ages. “Konak Meydan_” is the most important city centre of Izmir. And it is also one of the oldest squares of Izmir, which had been diverted during the past 100 years, from an Ottoman Empire city centre to a modern republican city centre. “Konak Meydan_” is one of the squares of the city, which carries out all the needs of the city such as serving for general traffic, or for meeting places, for markets, for approaches to prominent buildings, such as city halls, churches, mosques, theatres, museums of art and of natural history, or else since two centuries. “Kemeralt_” serves as a market/shopping place; municipality and government buildings are the one of the most striking points of the square; a picturesque clock tower dated to 1901 is the meeting point for thousands of people during a daytime; AKM and Sabanc_ Convention centres are the cultural parts of the Square with the historical opera house. And a historical central library building of Izmir stands beside the opera house. Also “Konak Meydan_” serves as the intersection point of the general traffic routes. The square has been rehabilitated and evaluated during the historical process after the republication of Turkey for the modern republic city in order to elevate the urban quality. During these evaluation processes, the square started to loose its definition and identity.Despite having all the facilities that are first acknowledged and than sampled above, Although “Konak Meydan”_ has distinct recreational values, these values do not have a definite relationship with each other even they were located side by side. Open squares in cities supposed to have distinct connected recreational values, because they usually serve as the "heart of a great city." From that time on, a questioner was raised in order to make this city centre, a living modern square. As an answer to this questioner; nowadays, a project has been maintained for “Konak Meydan_” to modernize Izmir’s new image and face for the new Millennia. In order to make the Plaza gain its identification and definition, the needs of the square was obtained due to the cultural and social needs of the inhabitants. - The Gulf was the most important part of “Konak Square”, and the square had lost its relation, and connection with Izmir Gulf, during the evaluation process of the Square. So the most important criteria was obtaining the connection of the sea with the Plaza. The square was connected directly to seaside by taking the car way under the ground. And a pedestrian route connected the square with the seaside. A membrane system was applied above the pedestrian route symbolizing a ship’s sail, so the route as the ship ready to set sail to the sea. - All of the facilities such as shopping, meeting, cultural activities etc. have been rehabilitated individually and also have been combined with each other as to make a designed city centre, and the quality of urban space and living have been elevated, finally the square has regained its identification and definition by using such elements as pedestrian routes, meeting plaza, pools, and etc., these elements especially the perpendicular ones have helped to minimize the scale of the huge, unidentified square into the human norms. - By this new project, the preservation of the historical places such as the historical Mosque, or the “Clock Tower”, the market place put on the agenda, and by eliminating the additions preventing the connection of the historical values to the historical square, the Plaza regained its historical values. "