Values have been found to be able to predict environmental behavior in the West, but questions about the structure of, and relationship, between values and environmental behavior in other cultures merits investigation. Taiwan was chosen for this study because of its Chinese cultural root which has a rich relationship with nature. A study was previously conducted to identify a set of traditional Chinese values and behavior in the culture (Kuo & Purcell, 2003). Items were selected from the set to generate scales to measure values and environmental behavior. These scales were used in conjunction with previously validated Western scales (e.g., Stern, Dietz, Abel, Guagnano & Kalof, 1999). In addition, this study modified measures used in previous research (e.g., Sako, Hirata & Gifford, 1998) to make them suitable for applying to Taiwanese culture. The paper represents the results of the study using a group of Taiwanese architects as subjects.