A set of design requirements for “home environment” study will include the following:1. An environment facilitating the resident with a sense of security.2. Spaces within the houses and outside responsive to human privacy requirements.3. Highly visible and expressive territorial markers.4. Consistent spaces for social interaction among the residents.5. All these and other comparable requirements, clearly depend on the meaning of these terms, the definition of requirements and their relation to the knowledge of human characteristics. It seems clear from the arguments that these needs are necessary and thus compel us to raise new questions that these needs are necessary and thus compel us to raise new questions and introduce new insights for the design of home environment. The common feature about mankind is that, they are continuously adjusting and re- adjusting to their physical environment, shaping the mould that shapes them. The fact that no organism can be understood in isolation from its habitat is a truism and there is a sense in which all psychology is environmental psychology. However our particular concern is that of civilized man is to a high degree different from other species, and that he construct and controls his own environment. His capacity to do this is not instinctive (though his desire may be) its is acquired by experience and transmitted through his culture. Its range and power is increasing with the order technology at and exponential rate. Having made an environment, man can reflect on its consequences and store this information on to be fed back, giving the option of an environment with the same or different consequences next time. In house design, the considerations relating to the people and the way in which they interact with the outside environment have tended to be neglected. When they have been considered, it has rarely been based on data and the theory of man- environment studies. In addition, there has been much of generalization about human needs. Many users and thus failure of many residential buildings see clear result of this from the recent observations and experiments that reveal dissatisfactions expressed and experiments, which reveal dissatisfaction, expressed. These failures have served as an impressive reminder to designer and architects that the quality of home environment depends not only on its formal attributes, but also on the subjective experiences of people using this environment Diversity of information relating to this field could be considered as a reason for absence of application of data in design process. But variability of these concepts can be considered and constancies, which are found can be understood a become even more important. With different approaches and the variety of answers obtain by many researches carried out by different sociologists , psychologists and architects have provided some effective specification of requirement and together lead to better understanding of congruence possible between physical settings and human requirements as best understood at a given time .