This paper describes our experiences in an attempt at implementation of chosen building quality evaluation techniques in Poland. It looks in details at contemporary Polish building market situation, circumstances and barriers that we have faced during our research project. It discusses the concept of research method for implementation in Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe, as an answer to identified difficulties and a way of bringing this branch of science into general use in Eastern Europe. This paper is concluded with the hypothesis of the world wide web use as a tool of gathering data from users in evaluation of behavioural quality of work environment. Building quality evaluations have a decided impact in the building industry practice in highly developed countries. They influence nearly all phases of the building process. In Poland building evaluations are still relatively new and unknown branch of science. Only few highly limited assessments are carried out by facility managers in the newest office buildings. They deal mainly with technical issues and unexpected failures. But after economic transformation the need for building assessment is enormous. Buildings owned by numerous state institutions as: education, medical care, judicature, local governments etc. are inefficient, offering environment of poor quality, far below users’ expectations. Despite this attempts at building evaluations introduction meet numerous difficulties. They are: a fairly weak interest of architect in this branch of knowledge, reluctance in a significant part of architectural society, the lack of people skilled in this profession and organisational limitations, like incomplete technical documentation, unsorted, numerous data, unclear structure of management in state organisations. As a matter of fact the building quality evaluation is urgently needed in Poland and in our opinion development of the market and constantly increasing competition will force application of this kind researches. Popularisation of building quality evaluations in Poland is urgently needed. There is needed a method that is universal, highly adaptable, effective and easy to use. During our research practise we met numerous organisational difficulties. For example we were invited to assess general performance quality of one of the latest polish office buildings by its owners but we were not allowed to plan any research activities in rented office spaces. Although there was a broad interest in results of the evaluation, the help and concern on owners’ side while researches were conducted were rather weak. The idea and aims of building assessment were hardly understood. In result the proposal of comprehensive survey was rejected at the beginning. In our opinion only method that allows quick gathering, segregating and analysing of data will have chance to popularise this branch of science in Eastern Europe. We have worked out the concept of such method. It is based on building performance concept. The main purpose of our concept is development of general knowledge about office buildings’ functional quality in Poland. Our concept comprises 105 categories that are separated into four Problem Groups (Building Flexibility, High Quality of Workspace, Efficiency of Space Utilisation and Others) and five Built Environment Areas (Site, Main Entrance, Building, Typical Floor, Workstation). Division into Built Environment Areas provides a useful framework to evaluate buildings and rationalises the process of data gathering. Our concept of evaluation method is not a final, completed tool. It is an effect of literature survey, analysis of world-wide known building evaluation methods and gathered experiences. It creates the base for future researches, comprehensive assessments and development of benchmarking centre. In our opinion only assessment method that enable conducting of researches in short period of time, that is adaptable and makes evaluations possible in changing, low budget conditions, method that covers general problems, uses simple scientific tools and techniques and produces clear, understandable to general public results, only this kind method could made building evaluations understandable and acceptable in Poland. Paradoxically underdevelopment in building assessment that we see in Poland, present difficulties and the need of constant search for new solutions give opportunity to develop innovations with high rate of sophisticated computer technology. We prepare a system that is intended to use personal computers connected by global computer network to collect users’ opinions on behavioural quality of work environment. Chosen users have access to website pages of research program after logging in. These pages allow them to participate in assessment and to review up-to-date results. Gathered data are stored in data base and analysed by computer programs which produce final results. This system is intended to be more useful, economical, timely in comparison with traditional questionnaire survey, especially while assessing office buildings where nearly every user has access to world wide web.