"The concept of sustainable communities has developed over the last two decades, providing a sustainable vision in the way people see themselves and their communities with regard to their physical, social, and economic environment. Ever since the term "sustainable communities" was brought into the dictionary of environmentalism, scholars and practitioners have seized upon it to promote and facilitate numerous environmentally friendly changes. As the broad concept of sustainability has evolved, so have sustainable communities. Even so, these are not concepts that can be easy and quick to define. There are numerous communities around the world that feel anticipative about what sustainability means that they are willing to progress towards such a state. This paper offers a review and a proposal of the elements of sustainable communities. It begins with general thoughts of sustainability and sustainable development that offer the foundations of sustainable communities, and links related research to these conceptual underpinnings. The concepts of sustainability, sustainable development, and sustainable communities are clarified and six elements of sustainability communities are identified as well."