Environment & Behavior research came up in Europe (biologists Haeckel, Uexküll) and had its early psychological roots in the German-speaking countries (Germany: Hellpach, Stern, Lewin, Muchow; Austria: Brunswik). Research was brutally interrupted by the Third Reich, people destroyed (Muchow) or forced out (Lewin, Brunswik). Environmental psychology's second life started in the USA (Lewin, Barker) and interest spread in central Europe again after 1945 (Kaminski, Boesch, Lang, Graumann, Werbik, Salber, Revers). In Austria, W.J.Revers at Salzburg, M.Haider and G.Guttmann at Vienna were the founders of academic Environment & Behavior research which is now in its second generation (Allesch, Maderthaner, Keul). IAPS 2004 hosted by the Vienna University of Technology, is a good presentation chance for Austria to this international forum. The following symposium will show a representative sample of ongoing research and organization work. Vienna University of Technology (Martens) has taken the initative to faciliate communication of IAPS publications by organizing a digital library together with colleagues from Slovenia (Turk, Cerovsek). R.Maderthaner, Vienna University, will present his main axis of research on quality of life and landscapes. As examples for work done in architectural psychology, architect T.Forsthuber will present his innovative Kids & Youth Center at Salzburg and A.G.Keul the POE. A workgroup Salzburg-Vienna has started Architrack, the application of the eyetracker to building evaluation. First results will be communicated.