"As European Union Special Envoy for Kosovo (1998-1999) and High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1999-2002), the speaker was actively involved in the civilian implementation of the Bosnian Peace Agreement (Dayton, OH, 1995). Ambassador Petritsch is currently Austria´s Permanent Representative at the UN in Geneva. As a diplomat with a degree in history, he sees tragedy and future perspectives of Southeastern Europe, a historical and social unity in diversity, against its historic background leading to special identities and identity problems. The European expansion and the European Union Road Map for Southeastern Europe sketching a way how to move closer to the EU do not touch "new lands", but rather a "new old environment" with historic interconnections and cultural relations to Western and Central Europe. The resulting myths, role making and role taking in identity formation as well as the Balkan as integral part of European culture have to be taken into account. Globalization alone cannot give the answers."